About Us

Our mission is to enhance communities by creating and sustaining decent, safe and affordable living environments that foster stability and increase self-sufficiency for people with lower incomes.

The Regional Housing Authority was formed in 1946 and continues strong today. Our member cities and counties are Yuba City, Live Oak, Sutter County, Nevada County, and Colusa County.

As stewards of the public trust, we pursue our mission and responsibilities in a spirit of service, teamwork and respect.  We embrace the values of excellence, collaboration, innovation and appreciation.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for the Regional Housing Authority (Agency) sets a bold agenda for 2016-2019. It will chart our course as a “new” Agency having re-formed with the addition of Nevada and Colusa Counties and a new name, as we strive collectively to meet the need for low-income housing and support the aspirations of low-income households as they move toward greater stability and self sufficiency.

The strategic plan sets the direction for that important work and captures the goals and objectives of the Board of Commissioners in their oversight and steerage of this great organization.

2016–2019 Strategic Plan

Strategic Focus

We are committed to creating and preserving low-income housing for the long term. In pursuit of this vision and commitment we will…

  • Maintain and increase our housing stock and expand housing choices for people with low incomes.
  • Collaborate with partners who are able to expand our reach and effectiveness by providing services, education and economic opportunities that help residents advance out of poverty.
  • Work with others to create healthy communities that are safe, economically vibrant, pedestrian-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

Guiding Principles

We provide respectful, timely and effective service to all, regardless of race, nationality, physical or mental ability, age, gender, family status, sexual preference, or language proficiency.

We support residents by helping them achieve optimal self-sufficiency and leadership skills. We collaborate with residents and actively seek their advice on policy changes that may affect them.

We seek partnerships and alliances with organizations that serve similar populations and share our goals.

We promote energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainable development.